Social Media Marketing

Your clients are ready to hear from you on their preferred platforms. From Facebook to Twitter to email marketing, we help you keep in touch with your clients and continue to retain high engagement.

Results Driven Marketing

Our goal is to produce results. From inbound marketing campaigns to digital promotions, we want to be your partner in business growth. Your clients are searching for your services every day. Are you delivering the right content?

Graphic Design

We started out in Graphic Design, it's been a constant specialty for us. From logos to billboards to digital graphics, Downey Design has designed it all, and want to help you get your project designed.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a strategy that focuses on attracting customers and leads, via internally-created Internet content, so potential customers come to you rather than you vying for their attention via traditional marketing.  We can help you get started with a carefully crafted inbound marketing campaign. 

Search Engine Optimization

Google is the #1 driver in new business acquisition. Organic search engine optimization affects all aspects of digital business development. We specialize in ranking sites to the top of Google! We help you get ranked above your competitors!

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a more evolved form of digital marketing can be a part of a successful inbound marketing campaign. We can help get your business started with a Email Marketing campaign tailored to you needs that will drive traffic to your door.  

Domain Registration & Website Hosting

Website speed is a major factor in your search rankings. That's why we like to host the sites we design on our own servers. We use some of the fastest around so you never have to worry about site speed or connectivity issues affecting your website.  We also take care of the domain registration all for one low fee. 

@yourdomain Email

Having an email address with your @domain address sets your business apart and makes it seem more polished than an @yahoo address. We can even set up a forwarding only address so you have no need to change away from the email inbox you are used to. 


Having branded products to give away is a long-standing marketing tactic, because it still works. We will plaster your logo on everything from coffee mugs to t-shirts, for the best prices around. 


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